April 8, 2015

It's That Time Again

It is time.

That time of year every spring that makes me absolutely nuts. And my husband as well.

It's tornado season.

And today, we're kicking it off with Armageddon. Or so the weathermen are claiming.

We're evidently in the middle of a vortex of cold fronts and warm fronts and low pressure and all the things that make the swirling tornadoes spark and come alive later today.

Me? I'm finding myself in a strange place. Not exactly sure what I should be doing.

In the past, I would be backing up computer files (which I will do anyway, because that's never a bad thing), storing them on my portable hard drive, and packing a suit case with a change of clothing for everyone in the house and all our charging devices, because we would be at my parent's house, and we'd need to be able to charge our technology. And of course, getting important files and phone numbers, like the insurance companies, and making sure I have them with me, just in case we lost our house to a tornado.

Some I will do, others, maybe not so much. I will make sure the safest places in the house are ready for us to scramble into them (we don't have a basement in our new house, but we have two "safe zones" in case of a storm. Not to mention, a church right across the street with a basement that we can run to if we have to.

And other than that, I wait.

I have the news on the 24 hour radar, so I can listen.

HOWEVER, there is a bright side:

Via Jim Schmidt on Facebook 
This bad boy over here is the Tornado Intercept Vehicle, a tornado chasing Batman-esque monster of a machine that's been seen in town today because of the weather warnings.

And if all goes like previous experiences, if the TIV is here, then the storms won't be. The only thing to confirm this would be to find out that the Weather Channel has shown up too. If they come, then I know we'll miss all the bad weather.

It's the funniest thing--when the news and chasers show up, the storms miss us completely and wind up flaring up two hours away. It happens almost every time, it's weird.

I have to think of strange stuff like this, because if I let myself worry too much, I'll find myself freaking out and in panic mode. I'm already comprehending getting the kids out of school early because of this--my son's school starts late, and lets out right in the middle of when this stuff is supposed to be kicking up. My daughter should be getting home before it gets too bad. I think.

So I'm hoping the worst of it will miss us.

Will I get my son out of school early? Likely. My daughter? Maybe. We shall see. My husband? Maybe.

March 17, 2015

His Velvet Touch Now Available

Today His Velvet Touch is being released on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes 

I am super excited about this -- I really do love this story, Harper and Chris are great. I was thrilled when they were so well received in the Taming the Alpha box set, and going back to their relationship was a complete joy. The original story didn't allow me to have all the details I wanted in the story, because of the constraints of the box set, so I've been tinkering with it to weave those things back into it before I released it.

It's also the beginning of a new series of contemporary romances I'll be doing. While they won't necessarily be connected (though there are a couple of trilogies in this world), the characters can/will pop up from book to book.

It's just this nice city--too big to be a small town, too small to be considered a big city--Barrum Ks is going to have a lot of fun people that I hope you're going to enjoy as much as I am writing these books.

Right now, there's His Velvet Touch. Then comes the Celestial Springs Salon trilogy --- Summer Burns, Autumn Falls, and Winter Chills, slated for later this year to release.

And there's a few other stories I have simmering on the back burner, waiting for time to write them. (Because that's what it's all about, really. The time involved...)

So I hope you take the time to visit Barrum and meet Chris and Harper (excerpt here) They're a lot of fun. An independent woman and an alpha male, who mix, well, most of the time.

See you around!

March 11, 2015

Saving Her Destiny Cover Reveal

This one is so pretty! I think it's one of my all time book cover favorites.
This is one I pretty much told the cover artist to "have fun." 
She went in a very different direction from my other books, but oh my goodness, 
she did an amazing job. 

Saving Her Destiny is coming in ebook and Print in June of 2015
Pre order is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble 

Sometimes the future comes knocking. Sometimes it knocks you into next week.

The Mythicals, Book 1

Fairy-In-Distress team member Duncan Molar’s mission is as simple as it is desperate. Find his missing best friend, banshee Cara Wallace, before an assassin lights the magical fuse that will unlock her scream, wiping out the last merrow colony on earth.

Since the day he rescued her from a fishing net, the near-victim of her very first scream, they’ve been joined at the hip, he helping her with her telepathy, she helping him remember the beautiful side of being a fairy.

When he finds her, the crisis isn’t over, for the unreleased scream could kill her…unless he gets her to a remote location and figures out a way to release it safely. The solution blows them so far apart, Duncan’s back to square one. Doing whatever he has to—including sacrificing his job with the FID—in order to save her.

Because secretly, he’s been in love with her for a decade.

Warning: A determined fairy, a banshee-in-distress, and a djinn that will only make matters worse.

March 9, 2015

Guys and Godmothers Anthology Cover Revealed

So this is the print cover for the Guys and Godmothers 
Anthology, containing 
Under His Nose and Before His Eyes in one print volume. 

Available in July of 2015 

Just His Taste will be available in print as well, this fall... 

I love it, isn't it awesome? 

And more covers coming soon! 

February 12, 2015

Everything He Does

I just read this great post from fellow author Leah Braemel and found myself appreciating what she spoke about--her super-supportive husband who's been with her throughout her writing journey.

While I read it, I thought how nice it was to have a supportive husband like that.

It's not easy to get support like that from your partner when you write. Writing is a very solitary job. It's still important for you, as a writer, to be able to go into the office, the closet, where ever and work for a while, without issues.

 I am lucky enough that I have a husband who's just as super-supportive. Hubby will re-tweet my posts, like, comment, and share anything I put promoting my books on social media.

He's been known to say "Honey, I've got the kids. Go write." (He would do this a lot, especially when the kids were littler. Now that the kids are a little older, they know how to entertain themselves if Mommy goes into her office to work for a while.)

Now, he goes to the store for me when I have a house to-do list that is making me nuts, on top of writing work, or will do anything I need to get done, in order to give me more writing time. (Like laundry, dishes, and feeding the kiddos.)

More than once, he's been my rock, when I've been ready to throw in the towel, to give up all together on writing, and remind me that I have to do this. I can't quit, even when it looks like the world's against me accomplishing anything.

His undying faith in my writing has never wavered. Not once in fifteen years of marriage.

I don't know what I'd do without him. I sure as hell wouldn't be able to write like I do.

People talk about big, romantic gestures that guys do--hell, I write about them all the time in my books. But sometimes, it's the little things that make my heart melt more than any large, grand gesture.

Because my husband going to the store, or just taking something off my always-mile-long to-do list, is one of the most romantic things he could do for me. Because he wasn't asked to do it, he just does it.

Because he loves me.

Thank you Hubby. I love you. For everything.