August 28, 2015

Time to Load Your E-Reader

Well, the weekend is upon us, and I figured it was time to load up your ebook reader for some good weekend relaxing. ;)

I'll start, of course, with my book, BRIGHTEST SHADOW, up for Pre-Order right now, coming Sept 15th.

Barnes and Noble

And there's this one, SUMMER BURNS, available now, as well for a little Military romance. Amazon


Now, here's some books from some friends of mine, all sorts of great romances to fill your ereader with as well. They're either freebies or they're on sale. 

Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance
Freebie by Mandy M. Roth


King of Prey World Limited Edition Box Set Books 1-5: Plus Bonus Story Sacred Places $0.99 USD by Mandy M. Roth
Paranormal Bird Shifter Romance
Limited Time Box Set! Books 1-5 Plus Bonus Story Sacred Places
King of Prey
A View to a Kill
Master of the Hunt
Rise of the King
Prince of Pleasure
And the bonus story: Sacred Places Druid Book One
Be sure to check out the following King of Prey Titles:
Prince of Flight (Coming Soon)


No Strings Attached (The Escort #1) Kindle Edition
by Kristen Strassel
$0.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited


Blacklist Rogue (Hacked Investigations Book 3)
By Sarah Makela
$0.99 Sale


Love Ever After: Eleven All-New Romances, 
a box set with a special $0.99 pre-order price.


He's So Fine (A BBW Stepbrother Romance) Kindle Edition
by Marie Mason
$0.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited


Desirable: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Only After Dark Book 1)
By Elle Thorne


Promises, Promises (Alluring Promises Series Book 1) 


by Josie Bordeaux 
Google Play:

August 27, 2015

Taming the Monster coming in October

Yep, I'm going to be part of a new anthology coming this October-- Taming the Monster. 

This is an amazing collection with an incredible set of paranormal writers.

This anthology came out of a silly conversation, and when the goddesses Mandy Roth (Immortal Ops Series) and Michelle Pillow (Dragon Lords series) thought this could be something really fun for the fall, and I had to jump on it.

I mean, after all, monsters need love too!

And I have this whole island of Avalon, where all the mythicals live.

Besides, I always did think that Fairy-In-Distress Unit member Reese Appleton (first featured in Saving Her Destiny) needed his own story.

So I found one for him. And now, that story, Guarding Her Secret, is a part of the Taming the Monster anthology, coming in October.

It's a very fun story...

Cover look coming soon :)

August 17, 2015

I Love Book Reviews

Okay, so I just wanna put this out there.

I love book reviews. 


Whether you loved my books or hated them, you took the time to leave a review. 


July 27, 2015

Because I'm Not Busy Enough

Coming in September More info here 
I decided to completely update my website, including making phone and tablet versions on top of all the looming writing deadlines I currently have.

Yeah, I know, I'm outta my goddamn mind.

Check it out here: 

HOWEVER, I wanted to talk about it, because I did it differently than I have in the past.

I used this new-ish program called Adobe Muse. (It's been around about 3 years I think)

The program is new to me--I've always done my web work in Adobe Dreamweaver, because I can code when I need to code, but I can also drag and drop when I need to do that as well.

However, my coding skills are circa 2007, so anything new and fancy like those CSS sheets and reactive web sites are outside of my wheelhouse.

Stumbling around on the Adobe website (because I lease Dreamweaver, and I have been fantasizing about getting the entire Creative Cloud suite, and I just randomly check for new deals) I found Adobe Muse.

And let me say, they aren't kidding when they say you don't have to know ANY coding to use it.

I watched a lot of You Tube videos (Terry White is my favorite) on Muse, learning how to work with the program--it was great, because I not only learned how to do the basics, but I was able to learn how to do some fun, more creative tweaks to my site, like a lightbox that pops up on the home page, with my Newsletter signup form on the desktop version, (and I may add it to the mobile versions, not sure yet), and more reactive menus on the other versions.

I managed to build an entirely new site in about 15 days--and that was only working on it in the evenings, while watching Netflix.

July 16, 2015

Need a Clone... Or a Spreadsheet


So I can keep track of everything I need to do.

I realized while talking to my little boy this morning (he's not that little, evidently he can use Google pretty darn well, unless there's major spelling involved, then he comes and asks me how to spell things like "where") that I have a lot of stuff to do beyond writing.

I really have gotten several project off the table this month, and I have more to do, I know that, but I'm at this finite point between "I have my shit together and I know what I'm doing" and "Oh hell, what am I doing?"

Seriously thinking about making a spreadsheet with a list of stuff to check off for every project to make sure I get everything done and sent in ON TIME.

Like right now, I have the following:

1. Paranormal short off at edits for an Anthology
2. Paranormal short being written to be sent to editor at the end of the month
3. Contemporary being plotted
4. Paranormal at editor, waiting for return to do final clean up on the book
5. Same Paranormal -- set up Google Doc for Review sign ups for ARC reviews

Not to mention, waiting for cover art from 2 different vendors for 3 different projects, and wanting to contact a vendor for yet another project.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure I need a checklist/spreadsheet something for each project.

I'm sure there are time management software somewhere that would help me. Not sure what to use though.

A clone would be so helpful too.

But that would be unleashing two of me on the world. I already have my daughter. Isn't that enough?