October 9, 2014

Being Sick Stinks

Head cold city today.

I really don't have time to be sick. Or to go to the doctor, but evidently, if I wanted an antibiotic, they needed me to come in and take my blood pressure. (Fortunately, it's 122/80... So all good there)

I'm one of those that just calls for an antibiotic, and never goes in. But also did some comparison stats... According to the doctor, I'm 18 pounds down from where I was the last time I came in. On my scale, I've lose 23 pounds, but I'm not squawking over 5 pound difference in scales. Scales are never calibrated the same.  And it is likely, I was 5 pounds heavier when I started my diet--OH NO, I SAID IT.

That's right people, I'm on a diet. Have been since August 1st.

And I quit smoking. Cigarette free since August 31st.

I am doing a vapor cig, and lowering my nicotine level every month, to hopefully prevent the murder and/or mutilation of my family. (I'm kidding. Mostly.)

So it's been a lot of big changes.

And the weirdest part? When I told the doctor I'd quit and was on a diet, you would have thought I told her I won the lottery!

The weight thing? Will it last? I have no idea. I really like cake and ice cream and cookies.

The smoking thing? Yeah, it'll last.

Now, if I can just get over my cold...

October 8, 2014

Yep. I'm a normal creative person--I work in chaos.

So, I was on the world of Facebook today, and saw this article--why most creative people flourish in clutter.

And I read it, because, well, I am a creative person. And yeah. I have an office. And it's cluttered.

When I bought my house, I intended on having a perfectly clean, organized spartan office, because, hey, I'd have a whole room, and I could make something look amazing.
Clean, organized, and bright and happy! 

I mean, I was a creative person, I could really do something fun in my office space. I wanted to really fix it up cool. I wanted shelves on the wall, like in the picture, a neat desk, some cool boxes and baskets to hold my stuff. Maybe a desk lamp for a little extra lighting.

I'd never really been able to paint, either, so I wanted to do some really cool color--so I went with a nice turquoise, with white and black accents. That is my plan. And I know my office is still a work in progress, and probably will be for the rest of my life, but hey, that's what makes it fun, right?

This, however, is my office. I took this right before I sat down. So this is where I'm sitting while I write this blog post.

(And yes, it looks like this most days.)

Notice the wall color, first off. Yes, it's a nice turquoise, very soothing, but not too bold, but not white. :) I have my two shelves (in the photo) there's a third above them, Those shelves were supposed to have a few books on them, the rest be baskets for all my stuff. 

September 24, 2014

Surprise, a new release coming soon!

This is the new boxed set, Taming The Alpha, coming in December of 2014 that I will be in. 
My story, His Velvet Touch (Cover coming soon) is about a landscaper who's about to lose his company, and the financial analyst who's trying to help him keep it.
If they can quit fighting long enough to figure it out. 

And yeah, doesn't that look awesome?

Here's the line-up of the awesome authors I'm privileged to be a part of: 

Sidney Bristol

Jaycee Clark

Scarlett Dawn

Ella Drake

Jaide Fox

Yasmine Galenorn

Reagan Hawk

Lauren Hawkeye

Inez Kelley

Sherri L. King

Tracey H. Kitts

Michelle M. Pillow

Viola Rivard

Mandy M. Roth

S. E. Smith

Shelli Stevens

Charlene Teglia

Eve Vaughn

N.J. Walters

And guess what? You'll be able to get the amazing set of short stories by this incredible line-up for $0.99! 

I know, right?


I can't wait, this is going to totally rock!! 

September 9, 2014


I have a tween, so this is in honor of her... lol 
Yes, yes yes, it's release day!!!

And today, to celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of JUST HIS TASTE (Or any of my backlist, if the winner already has it) to THREE LUCKY PEOPLE!

Seriously, that's all you gotta do... Comment to win.

Just His Taste, 
Guys and Godmothers, Book 3

Avalynn Fay is not a typical Fairy Godmother. She wears leather body suits, rides motorcycles, and prefers bourbon to anything fru-fru. Probably why she is assigned new charge, Jason Gregorian—a PI who drinks bourbon and loves to cook barbecue.

Jason’s a good guy. Generally decent. Even willing to pretend to be his ex-girlfriend Tessa’s date for a wedding, so she won’t be alone while her ex struts around with his latest squeeze on his arm.

Should be easy, right?

All Ava has to do is talk to him, feel him out a bit, and she’ll know exactly how to get the wheels in gear. Except when she meets Jason, suddenly no one is good enough for him. Not even Tessa, his intended Happily Ever After.

It’s enough to make a fairy godmother want a healthy shot of bourbon—right before she breaks all the rules.

Warning: Contains a fairy godmother who’s ready to spread her wings—and maybe a few other appendages—for a mortal hot enough to make her drive her motorcycle right off  the road.

Ava took a good look at her charge. Okay, so it was selfish, because she wanted to appreciate that fine—

Wait. What the Hades?

Ava stared harder at Jason. Rather, at Jason’s aura. And the miniscule silvery-blue lines flickering in it.

So observant of the lines that shouldn’t be there, she didn’t realize Jason had actually moved.


Right toward her.

“Oh!” Ava stumbled.

“Oh hey.” Jason spun and in a flash had his arm on Ava’s, and stopped her from tumbling
to the floor.

Ava pulled out of Jason’s grip. Because as soon as she looked in his eyes, telltale veins
of Cupid’s serum flashed. More than just the silvery-blue of his love potion. A second one
wound around in minute detail. Like he’d used a double dose or something. One with a
greenish hue.



“Son of a bitch,” she snapped. As Hera is my witness, I will friggin’ snap Cupid’s neck. There was only one answer for those kinds of hues in a mortal’s aura. Not only had Cupid shot her charge with one of his freewill-bending arrows, he’d added a memory charm to the mix.

“Hey, look, I’m s-s-sorry. D-d-didn’t know you were there,” Jason said.

Ava shook her head, and this time when she met her charge’s eyes, recognition flashed.

Hard and fast. He didn’t let go of her arm, and for every second of contact, the recognition got brighter and brighter.

And the green in his aura fizzled out. Ava’s heart pounded like it would burst out of her chest like some parasite alien.
Because Jason recognized her, even in her downplayed getup. 

“Ava,” Jason whispered. Then he tipped his head to the side. “Ava?” 

She forced a smile on her face. “Hi.” 

“Sorry, I-I didn’t. Let me-me—let me buy your coffee,” Jason stammered. He shook his
head, his teeth grinding. 

Ava blinked. “Really, that’s—” 

“Girl, if a man in a tux wants to buy you a drink, do it!” a woman in her forties stage whispered
at Ava.

Ava blinked. Then glanced back at Jason. And tried not to think of the thousand reasons why she shouldn’t be having coffee with her charge. Like the attraction that sprang to the surface in him. Or her own bursting attraction that she’d thought for sure she had a handle on.

“Yeah, uh. Okay,” she heard herself saying before she realized what had come out of her

Available at Samhain Publishing, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble

Leave a comment, and be entered to win a copy of JUST HIS TASTE!

It really is that easy! (Winner will be announced tomorrow morning... Posts count until midnight CST tonight)

September 7, 2014

The First And Last Time I Write Simultaneous Stories (Maybe)

Just His Taste, G&G Book 3
Many times, when I dive into a story idea, I wind up creating a concept that's far too big for a single book. My mind will splinter into multiple directions, and I'll create secondary characters as I write that all deserve their own story line.

When I came up with the series Guys and Godmothers, I had an idea, based solely on a stuffed fairy godmother that a friend of mine made.

In the conversations about them, I told
Before His Eyes Bk 2
her "that should be in a book, that's hilarious" when she told me the story of these dolls. She laughed, because it was a bit too funny and cute for her taste, and told me that I should write a book about them.

And because, well, I'm me, not only did I create a book about them, I created a series, a world, a set of rules, and what could happen when these rules were broken.

Under His Nose, Bk 1
Spreadsheets, time lines, and plot bunnies were created and fluffed until I put together all three books that not only tied together, but were happening simultaneously. A completely new idea for me--I've never written that way before, I've usually done books chronologically, with a few months, maybe even years, between them.

This process for writing a series I don't recommend--there were a lot of migraines and cursing as I tried to make sure I didn't have one character in two places at once. And let me say, I have no desire to do it again, at least not intentionally.

Though about the time I came up with this series, I created another one, and I did a similar thing--though in this series, book 2 and book 3 are happening roughly simultaneously, just after the events in book 1. This series is being shopped as I write, and when it's done, I'll probably decide not to do simultaneous again.

Though knowing how my brain works, I'll do it again, whether I want to or not.

And since I have "that brain" that must create so many secondary characters that are so awesome, there's going to be another book, a spin-off of the Guys and Godmothers series, called "Mythicals." It involves the Fairies In Distress Unit, banshees, merrow, and all sorts of other crazy stuff.

Title: Saving Her Destiny, slated to come out in Spring/Early Summer of 2014. It explains certain elements that happen in Just His Taste, and why certain characters behave like they do.

Tentatively, there's only one book in that little series, but there's potential for 2-3 more there. (See my twitching eyeball? That means I'm taking on more than I really should... It does this. A lot.)

I can't help it, I have a mind that won't quit.